About us

Welcome to Univista!

We are a Bulgarian trading company with twenty years of experience in the field of logistics and distribution of fast-moving goods -confections, beverages, packaged foods, etc. We partner with national and multinational manufacturers and traders of well-known, high quality and reliable brand products.

We are motivated and prepared to face the challenges along the way.

What do we suggest?

We desire re is to provide our customers with reliability and personal attitude. This is why we select quality products with good consumer awareness at competitive prices.

We are constantly striving to add value to the customer through respect, professional attitude, quality, speed, and honesty.

Our partnerships:

Official partner for Bulgaria of ULKER – world producer of confections, food, and beverages

Official representative of DIMES juices for Bulgaria – world-famous producer of healthy fruit juices without additives.

Official partner for Bulgaria of T’Best – Tulip International Inc. – Korean producer of fresh and natural Aloe Vera products.

We cooperate with significant Bulgarian producers.

We work together with a large number of international and local retail chains.

To be successful, our partnerships are based on:

Mutual trust, long term relationships:

– Clear duties and responsibilities

– Work on a common plan and goals

– Perfect communication

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy has changed over the years. Products come and go, what matters today is our relationship with you – all of our customers, partners, and colleagues. That is why we adhere to several basic principles:

We respect all our customers, distributors, partners and colleagues.

We respect our competitors.

We are always ready for change.

We respect our reputation.

We are constantly improving our business.

Our goals are:

To offer quality products at a good price.

To provide the highest quality trade and logistics services.

Build stable, long-term relationships with our business partners.

We strive to create an environment that inspires excellence in everything we do.

Our strategy for success in the market:

Create and maintain strong competitive advantages in customer relationships.

Partnering with leading international manufacturers and brands of FMCG.

For the success of our strategy we rely on:

A professional team focused on excellent customer service.

Reliability of our deliveries.

Marketing support.


Competitive advantages:

We are specialists in the distribution of fast-moving goods.

We directly cover a wide range of clients.

We have financial stability.


In 2008, the company introduced a Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001/12/2000 certification for the scope of distribution, transport, logistics, and wholesale